The Parts Place

I'm in the process of setting up a ham radio and general electronics hobby parts store called "The Parts Place"

It has main features;

  1. Reasonable prices.
  2. Discount at multiple levels.
  3. Quick shipping of orders.
  4. Original Parts from Authorized Distributors
  5. Reasonable shipping cost.
  6. Ever expanding list of available items.

My goal at present is to have 700 parts in seven years, I'm currently taking orders so I can work out the bugs in the store. At present since working on this project I have over 200 parts in stock and will be adding more on a monthly basis so I should be able to get to 700 parts ahead of schedule.

Eventually the plan is to not only have parts but also kits, and be a repository of information on projects using the parts I sell.

Feel free to send me an email with suggestions on what parts to carry that will be used widely.

Primary link to The Parts Place

Secondary Link to The Parts Place