This site has information concerning the SoftRock Software Defined Radios created and kitted by Tony Parks KB9YIG.

My name is Cecil Bayona, my main hobby is ham radio. I am currently have an Extra license as k5nwa. Other interest are photography, computer programming, and design of electronic equipment.

I live in North West Arkansas (NWA) which is located approximately around the center of the United States of America. My original license was KD5NWA which I received from the FCC as the next call to be assigned, my son Michael is KD5NWC. Later through the vanity program I asked for K5NWA a license that had never been issued since it was one letter shorter.

I'm starting a Ham Radio Parts business not as a way to make a living at present but as way to have a  future retirement source of income, my goal is to have close to 700 parts in stock  in by 2015. After about 24 month I have over 400 parts in stock. Due to security issues with the original obsolete eComerce software I'm moving the store to a new eComerce platform and site at "http://thepartsplace.k5nwa.com/".

The store is called "The Parts Place" as of this time it's not being advertised as open but it is on a trial basis so I can take the time and correct the sites problems before letting various list know I'm open for business. Click on the link on the previous paragraph.

Concerning the original site dspradio.org it has been parked while I built this site, see the link on this paragraph.

This site will be undergoing changes over the next several month, the focus will be on SoftRocks but will include many other subjects.

It's current form is in WordPress which  is an interesting vehicle, I'm using it to test the ease of site maintenance and possible use in all my personal web sites.

This site will contain information and references to projects and subjects I'm interested in such as SoftRock  Software Defined Radios.

My immediate interest is in testing and playing with several areas that are not often used by hams;

  1. Parametric mixers and amplifiers
  2. Tunnel Diode applications
  3. Sub-harmonic mixers using anti-parallel diodes.

All of these areas I want to examine for  possible use with Software Defined Radios and simple Direct Conversion receivers. Another area of interest is the use of simple DSP processors such as a DSPic to implement a replacement for the PC normally used.

Thanks for your patience.