Links and Places

A collection of links to useful sites, recommendations are welcomed!


Goodies for sale

KB9YIG Tony Parks, creator of the SoftRock and producer of the kits.

SI570 Controller by SDR-Kits, for sale outside the USA.

KM5H Home page, SI570 chips, SDR-Kits in the USA

WA6UFQ's Universal VFO Controller



The Parts Place, my store, various ham/experimental parts with multiple levels of discounts.

Miscellaneous Interesting stuff.

AA1TJ Michael Raney's site with very interesting and exotic projects

Regenerative Receivers, RF and Audio amplifiers by KE3IJ

Technical Books Online, a collection of old books in PDF form, some really useful books here.

A collection of Old Transistor books and applications.

Several chapters from the 1940 Radio Handbook

Chapter 6: Radio Receiver Construction
Chapter 18: U.H.F. Receivers and Transceivers
Chapter 19: Ultra-High-Frequency Transmitters

The links in this section no longer work so instead here is a link to a Navy training manual on radio. There are many other books at that location so you will find many books on radios.