SoftRock V5

An experimental offshoot that was not as successful as previous and succeeding models. Having all the band determining components in a separate board was innovative but the unit did not as good a performance as the original SoftRocks due to the analog method of creating the I and Q clocks.

It was planned to have a transmit board but that never materialized due to cost and technical problems. It had the following features;

Separate board with the 1X analog Quadrature clock generator Possibility of a QSD exciter that plugged into the stack.

The analog circuitry allowed for a 1X clock that made the unit theoretically easier to work with and to find suitable crystals, it would allow for higher frequency operation without the use of expensive parts, but due to the analog nature of the clock circuitry it suffered from a higher noise floor due to the clock jitter.

It is a retired kit that is no longer available. Here is a directory with documentation on the Softrock models; File directory