A built SoftRock40, the top side:

A built SoftRock40, the back side:

The original SoftRock the first 400 units were sold by the AMQRP Club then, Tony Parks the designer started shipping the units to hams all over the world. It's cost was $24, it was the beginning of a revolution. It had the following features;

USB connector for power from the PC
Single band operation (40M)
4X Crystal oscilliator for the LO with Digital clock generation
High quality op-amps running at 500x gain

The USB power option was a mixed blessing as it became a source of noise due to ground loops, users quickly put in a voltage regulator in place of a transistor present and used external power supplies or batteries to minimize ground loops.

Other modifications were to change the operating frequency so it could be used to tap into a radio's IF chain.

The unit was an excellent performer when running from batteries or a independent power supply.

It is a retired kit that is no longer available. Here is a directory with documentation on the Softrock models; File directory